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At Jubilee House, everything is included

If you’ve ever been worried about unexpected expenses coming out of the blue, you can rest assured that will never be the case at Jubilee House. Our all-inclusive pricing means that you can be safe in the knowledge that everything is included in one fee.

If you head over to the all-inclusive section of our site, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s included. You’ll see that things such as hairdressing, activities, trips out, and even having friends over for lunch are all covered.


Join a friendly,

Our commitment is to giving our residents the very highest quality of life. While there is the need to focus on health and care needs, at Jubilee House, we go above and beyond this. We pro-vide a community where everyone is valued, respected, and feels welcome. We also ensure that our residents are never left feeling bored or lonely, as they’re encouraged to be part of the community and take advantage of the range of activities and entertainment that are on offer.


Your Care

You can be sure that during your time at Jubilee House,
you will lead a life that is fulfilling. You will always find
that our caring staff are on hand to encourage you to get
involved with all that is on offer. At the same time, you will always be
respected as an individual and we’ll always be attentive
to your desires and capabilities.

Services Offered at Jubilee House


What residential care offers is the chance to sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself. We have created a homely environment but one that comes without all of the chores that you’d usually need to do. Staff are always on hand to help you whenever you need it, and you’ll find that they’re highly attentive and cater for all of your care needs.


At Jubilee House, our team of Registered General Nurses will be on hand to provide 24-hour care. This means that we can offer care to those who have suffered from a stroke, recently undergone surgery, or living with any other condition that may restrict mobility. Our team is also able to support when it comes to end of life care. Our beautiful home is here to allow residents to be treated with dignity and respect, while also providing support to families during this time.


If your loved one is suffering from dementia, you’ll understand the importance of proving a safe environment. That’s just what we have here at Jubilee House. With a specialist dementia care team, we are able to offer personality centred care and promote living well with memory loss. Our staff are highly trained to assist with daily obstacles and to provide stimulating and interactive spaces.


With respite care, you get to experience everything that our long term residents do. It could be that you’re looking into long term care yourself. You may be looking for a place to recover from surgery. It could be that family are away and you’d welcome some assistance, as well as great company. Whatever the reason, at Jubilee House, you can be sure that you’ll receive the very best in care and the very warmest of welcomes.


and Wellbeing

Jubilee House certainly doesn’t fit into the stereotypical view of what a care home is. For us, all that we do is about enriching the lives of our residents. We understand that by focusing on health and wellbeing, we can help to maintain, or restore, levels of independence.

Stories from the people living, working and visiting us




“The team at Berkley had a clear vision about they wished to improve peoples lives”

Resident & Carer

Louise & Dot

“My team will go above and beyond, every day, for our residents”.

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